Thailand Honeymoon — ฮันนีมูนในประเทศไทย

Our next day was spent relaxing. We woke up and Kelly wanted to have breakfast at Turtle Village, so instead of taking the shuttle, we decided to walk along the beach. We had breakfast and on the way back to our resort Kelly stopped to get a Henna Tattoo on her hand. After that we spent the rest of the day either on the beach, or poolside drinking some fruity drinks. That night we made plans to experience a traditional Thai BBQ banquet, with a live band and Thai dancers. The food was great, but the band and Thai dancers stole the show. The female dancers came out in these authentic ceremonial outfits and preformed numerous dances. They even had a dance at the end where they brought members of the audience up and taught them an elaborate dance that was similar to Double Dutch, but instead of jump ropes there were two eight foot long bamboo poles (there might be actual video footage of me doing this dance). We didn't stay up very long after the banquet because we knew that our excursion the next day was going to be a long one. 

Our sixth day was an early one. We woke up before sunrise to catch a shuttle that was going to take us to the very southern tip of Phuket to meet up with the Namloo Divers and our very first scuba diving experience. When we arrived we met up with Tony, our organizer, and Nim, our dive instructor, for the day's journey. Nim informed us of today's schedule and showed us to the bus that would be taking us down the pier to our diving boat. The boat was a huge vessel that held about sixty of us. We loaded up as the motors started up and soon we were leaving the bay... headed for open water.  

The boat was headed to a group of small islands south of Phuket called the Racha Islands. The Racha Islands are an excellent diving and snorkeling destination. Within an hour and a half we were suited up and ready for our first diving lessons. We jumped into the water and spent a few minutes getting accustomed to breathing through the regulator before descending down a rope to the sandy bottom of the bay. Once down there we sat on the bottom and watched our instructor as she took us through the safety lessons. Having our classroom twelve meters under water was a very surreal moment, but it was comforting to know that Kelly and I both went through all of the safety instructions without having any issues.

Once we were done with our class, we followed Nim around as she showed us some of the coral reefs and marine life that lived in the bay. We were down there for about an hour before Nim gestured that our tanks were getting low and it was time to head up to the surface. Once back on board we shed our scuba equipment and sat down for lunch. While we ate lunch, the boat headed to our second location for the next dive of the day. Over lunch, Kelly and I chatted about how nervous we were about that first dive, but how cool it was to be down there in that environment. After lunch we suited up for our second dive. The new location was another bay that was located on another one of the Racha Islands. This bay was a little bit deeper, and provided a bigger reef with more marine life to see. On this dive we saw a very colorful variety of fish, eel, sting ray, starfish and sea cucumbers. The reefs were amazing and the sea life that inhabited every nook and cranny of them were mind-blowing. After taking everything in, we ascended to the surface and climbed back onto the boat. Kelly and I dried off and for the next hour we discussed the amazing adventure we had and how it's one we won't soon forget.

That evening Kelly mentioned that for dinner she wanted to check out the pub that was at Turtle Village. So after dinner, we went to Bill Bentley Pub for some drinks. The place was pretty empty, but they had a pool table, so Kelly and I shot some pool and had a few pints. When we were deciding on what to drink, Kelly pointed out that they had a Singapore beer called Tiger on tap, and for a second, the name sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember why. Suddenly, I remembered having a conversation with my father a few months back about a beer he and his buddies loved to drink while he was in Vietnam called Tiger beer. So being highly recommended by one of the coolest dad's I know, I had to try it. About four pints later and losing in pool to Kelly, we left the pub and headed home. The next day we spent hanging around the resort doing what vacationers do: breakfast, pool, lunch, beach, pool, drinks, dinner and then off to bed. 

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